At Blairs Valley Ranch, we know boarding matters, because your horse is family. Whether you need nightly boarding after beautiful days of trail riding, or pasturing for longer stays in the area, we have you covered.

Nightly boarding

$20/night pasture
$25/night stall, $5 optional stall cleaning fee

Pasture boarding


Semiprivate pastures! Only 2-3 to a pasture; includes choice grass with quality hay when needed, water tanks cleaned regularly, choice salt, optional 1x/day feeding of owner-provided grain, and full use of the Ranch’s facilities; round pen, outdoor arena, hot/cold wash rack, locked tack room with individual lockers.

Full-care stall boarding


Everything that is included with pasture boarding, as well as daily/nightly turnout (depending on season), stalls cleaned daily, owner-provided fly mask/blanketing, house blend grain 2x’s/day, feeding of owner-provided supplements or special feed. Our 15 brand new stalls are bedded with fresh sawdust shavings and individually plumbed with direct water lines. We provide individual tack lockers to ensure your supplies are secure, and a dehumidifier keeps extra moisture and mold away during warm seasons and wet days. A wash rack with hot and cold water is available year round.


We offer a full range of horse boarding services and amenities, providing specialized care to each individual horse’s needs. All boarding options include the following services:

    • Horses fed all-natural grain daily, with access to unlimited grass and hay
    • Special feed or supplements fed as instructed by owner
    • High-quality grass hay tested by the University of Tennessee at approximately 15% protein
    • Stalls cleaned daily
    • Daily turnout (full-stall)
    • Fly mask put on the morning and removed at night (if supplied by owner)
    • Blanket put on at night and removed in the morning (during the winter, if supplied by owner)
    • Assistance with veterinary orders and ferriers, if needed
    • Birthing stall available, as needed
    • Two- and four-place trailers are available for daily rental to access the top-notch riding trails of the Great Smoky Mountains

Additionally, boarders have full use of the facilities, including the arena, wash rack, round pen and around 40 acres of valley floor.